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My Effective Brand Identity Design Process

My Effective Brand Identity Design Process

Hello there,

I am Prince Pal Singh. I build Brands and Digital Experiences.

A branding process is a systematic approach to creating and promoting a company’s brand. How would people describe your brand? How do you want them to describe it? Quirky? Professional? Practical? No matter what direction you go in, branding is the path that will get you there.


What is Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is a visual expression of your brand. It has eight main components:

  1. Company name (Brand naming)
  2. Logo
  3. Tagline
  4. Color Palette
  5. Typography
  6. Graphical Elements
  7. Imagery
  8. Voice


Why does branding matter for business success?

How? By investing in the branding process, a company will:

  • Communicate their unique place among competitors.
  • Build brand loyalty.
  • Set the value for itself and the product.

In my effective branding process have the following steps - 


1 Get known

To determine if we are a good match, I would like to get to know you a little better! Among other things, you must fill out a form where you can tell a little more about yourself, your business, your customer group, and what wishes and needs you to have. Then we have a good starting point when we decide the scope of the project, time perspective, visual strategy, etc. We can of course have a chat on the phone as well if you wish.


2 Preparations

My customers play a crucial role in the design process - communication and collaboration are gold! And before starting up, some preparations must be made. You have e.g. responsibility for having text, images, domain, and web hosting ready before the project start (you will receive a separate email with a useful checklist). You also commit to learning the basics of Asana, which will be our platform for collaboration and communication throughout the process.

Ps. Do not worry! You will receive useful step-by-step guides to get you started easily. You will receive the contract document + the invitation to your project page in Asana in a separate e-mail. Text is delivered in an editable format, eg word or text. The images are delivered in the following format: jpg files, 140dpi, approx. 300kb (not more than 600kb) and 160px in width, unless otherwise agreed.

Wondering where to start ?? Feel free to start by pinning pictures on a secret Pinterest board. Write a line or under two under each picture - why do you like this particular picture? Is it the mood of the image, the colors, the fountain, the illustrations, the pattern, the layout, etc.?


3 Start-up and progress plan

In Asana you will find a useful overview of the progress plan, which tasks are to be performed along the way, deadlines, useful video guides, etc. Here you will of course also have the opportunity to provide input and questions along the way.

Ps. The contract amount is invoiced as follows:
- 30% at contract signing,
- 30% after half-finished project,
- the remaining amount is at handover.

The customer receives files and the usage rights for the product when the last invoice has been paid.


4 Inspiration board and logo design

The next step is to design an inspiration board with an associated color palette. I take as my starting point the pictures you have pinned on your Pinterest board. The inspiration board will serve as a visual guide further in the design process.

Based on the previous steps, we can now design your new visual profile. A logo concept usually consists of the main logo, secondary logo, sub marks and icons, possibly a pattern, signature, and other visual elements. And of course an associated color palette. I deliver files for both web and print + 'mockups/presentation images' for use in social media at the launch.

You will receive:

Files for web + press
Brand Style Guide

Here are some examples of brand identity designed by me - 


1. Moodboards

Traders Mart Moodboard.

TradersMart - A Grocery/Retail Store Brand Identity Design. Supermarket in Chandigarh.

Brand Identity Design

OLREADY - Smart Beauty Club Marketplace where the bride can book India's top makeup artists & stylists.


2. Logo Designs

OLREADY logo design

Traders Mart logo

For Logo design, Brand identity design email me

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