B2B SaaS Dashboards Design

I have designed countless SaaS Dashboards Designs for B2B B2C companies. And every new one is the next challenge for me. I’m sure you will find something interesting here.

Operational Dashboard

Operational dashboards aim to impart critical information quickly to users as they are engaged in time-sensitive tasks. The main goals of the operational dashboard are to present data deviations to the user quickly and clearly, show current resources, and display their status. It’s a digital control room designed to help users be quick, proactive, and efficient.

Teledentix Provider Dashboard [More Info]

Patient Medical Journey Dashboard

Analytical dashboard

In contrast to Operational dashboards, Analytical dashboards provide the user with at-a-glance information used for analysis and decision making. They are less time-sensitive and not focused on immediate action. A primary goal of this kind of dashboard is to help users make the best sense of the data, analyze trends and drive decision making.

Scalpert - Stock Prediction Application [More Info]

HRM dashboard

It’s time to go beyond visualization and reporting. I digged into HR dashboard for insights that improve employee recruitment, satisfaction and retention. This way, HR teams can quickly find insights that will improve recruiting, optimize workplace management and enhance employee performance.

HRM Dashboard

HeliumEdge HRM Dashboard

Robotics AI based HRM Dashboard

User onboarding dashboard

The purpose of a user onboarding process is to help customers get to know the product and learn how to use it. A new user learn how to measure, analyze, and apply for photoshoot after sign the NDA.

The Photo Studio - Model's Dashboard

Education Dashboard

Showcase strategy outcomes with education dashboards. In the education field, teachers and administrators need to track various pieces of student performance data. On one hand, you need to monitor attendance and enrollment figures. At the same time, you need to review exam results and graduation rates.

JustLogin - Online Training Dashboard.

W4W (Wear 4 Weather) School Dashboard

SAAS Dashboard

This is the go-to dashboard for any SaaS company. As a monitoring tool that consolidates all your account and financial data, the dashboard lets you understand your business on a past, present and future scale.

Tesla Table Super Admin Dashboard

kit - Salon's SAAS Dashboard

Fantasy gaming dashboard

I designed a minimal dashboards will help admin speed up workflow. Every touchpoint & user interaction like signups, deposits, site rake, app usage, are all represented by intuitive graphs & data points to help admin gain insights, understand trends, & track the KPIs of their business.

Jackpot - Fantasy Gaming Dashboard

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