I specialize in boosting trial-to-paid conversions and reducing customer churn for B2B SaaS companies.

On a mission to make myself useful.

I’m a product designer from India. I provide design services through affordable, fixed-rate, or hourly packages, ensuring a low-risk commitment for you. You'll have direct access to me, and your total cost will never exceed the chosen package. Plus, all my packages come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Book A 30 Min Free Call


Wireframes & interactive prototype

Ready to bring your concept to the user testing stage? I can assist in crafting a prototype (In Axure or Figma) for gathering early user feedback, allowing you to refine your idea before committing significant resources.

Hire me to design your prototype


Custom UI/UX design

Whether you're starting with an idea, basic mockups, or a complete product in need of enhancement, I can offer essential design insights for your web app. This encompasses considerations for features, user flows, screens, interactions, and more. The design process may involve generating wireframes and developing polished UI designs using Figma.

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About Me

I am a proud father and a design strategist who wears many hats. With a consultancy background, I have been a User Researcher, Usability Tester, Product Manager, Branding Consultant, and UI UX Designer for B2B and B2C digital SAAS products. Sometimes I investigate human behaviors and complex systems. Sometimes I help shape design and product strategy. Sometimes I design visual brands. Often, I work to build and lead teams.



I have had the opportunity to contribute to various organizations, including Stanford-HCI Research, Juniper Networks, Gemalto, Accenture, Virtual Dental Care, FLdata, and more. Throughout my work, I have immersed myself in diverse aspects of design, encompassing user testing, UX writing, experience design, paywall design, and marketing automation.

What can I do to help your SaaS business grow?

Not only am I proficient in creating user-friendly web/mobile applications and conversion-oriented marketing sites for SaaS, but I am also deeply passionate about driving business growth through design. My expertise lies in reducing SaaS churn, enhancing customer retention, and maximizing conversion rates.

To kickstart the process, here are some key areas where I have assisted clients in building profitable SaaS products:

  • Enhancing customer satisfaction by optimizing the UI/UX of your web application.
  • Boosting trial-to-paid account conversions.
  • Conducting a comprehensive audit of your web application to pinpoint critical design flaws and develop an actionable plan to improve UI/UX.
  • Optimizing the design and messaging of your SaaS marketing site to attract your target audience.
  • Crafting a custom-designed web application that prioritizes user experience, resulting in increased user satisfaction.

UI/UX Process


My process is grounded in a personal philosophy that keeps me centered when the going gets tough: Spread creative confidence, create shared meaning, build respect and trust, make space for flexibility, and, finally, remember to have fun!


Competitive Analysis

McDonald's and Burger King are direct competitors, while the prepared foods section of the local supermarket could be an indirect competitor to both of them - especially if its burger is good.

  • Identify key competitors in the market.
  • Gather information about their products, services, and pricing.
  • Analyze their marketing strategies and messaging.
  • Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assess their market share and customer base.
  • Identify any unique selling points or differentiators.
  • Compare their customer reviews and feedback.
  • Monitor their online presence and social media activity.
  • Stay updated on their new product launches or initiatives.
  • Identify any potential threats or opportunities they pose to your business.

Mental Model

Creating a well-informed and data-driven roadmap for making informed design decisions.

  • Understand users by conducting user interviews to understand their thoughts, perceptions, and mental frameworks related to the product or service.
  • Analyze user feedback, such as comments, suggestions, and complaints, to identify patterns and gain insights into users' expectations and mental models.
  • Develop user personas based on research findings, which can help you understand different user perspectives, needs, and mental models.

Task Analysis

I create tasks by visualization or map of the user's path, highlighting their actions, thoughts, emotions, and pain points throughout the journey.

Red Route Analysis

After finding the critical user paths that are most important for the success of your website or application. These are the user journeys that are considered essential for the website or application to fulfill its key objectives.

Defining smooth and easy red routes for your users is like allowing them to travel from Point A to Point B without any obstacles.



In this early stage of the design phase, users and team members gain a sense of UX and can easily spot potential usability problems, allowing for early and painless iteration.

  • Black and white interactive sketch-like layouts
  • It helps to establish the information hierarchy and user flow within the interface.
  • Wireframes allow for early feedback and iteration from users and stakeholders before moving into high-fidelity mockups.
  • Axure tool that I use for Low/High fidelity wireframing.

High Fidelity Mockups

After the approval of wireframes from my client, It's time to design the high-fidelity mockups. Before starting the high-fidelity either the client provides the brand guideline document or I create it. In a brand guideline document, I define Logo, Color palette, Typography, Iconography, and a detailed design system for a seamless experience. For High-fidelity mockups I use Figma, AdobeXD, Illustrator, and Photoshop tools.

I prefer Zaplin or Figma for design hands-off. 

Interactive Prototypes

Use mockup screens to quickly develop interactive prototypes. I use collaborative tools like InVision or Figma app for this. This lets the team and the clients easily observe the product's features, flow, and interaction.

User Stories

I also write user stories to effectively understand and communicate the needs, goals, and behaviors of the users for developers. So that there will be no confusion between High-fidelity prototypes and product developers. These user stories help product managers to plan the weekly sprints.

Sprint Planning

In sprint planning I define and prioritize the work to be done in an upcoming sprint, ensuring clear goals and expectations for the development team.

Usability Testing

By conducting Usability Testing I'm evaluating your product to uncover usability issues and gather feedback for iterative improvements.

  • As a moderator, I conduct Usability tests with representative users to gather qualitative data.
  • I conduct testing in a controlled environment or remotely.
  • Usability testing provides me insights into user behavior, preferences, and satisfaction.
  • It helps me validate design decisions and refine the user experience.
  • In my Usability testing report, I analyze and identify patterns, trends, and actionable recommendations.
  • I recommend 5 to 10 mins Usability testing daily can be conducted throughout the product development lifecycle.

Skills & Tools

I'm always excited about new UI/UX tools to improve my workflow constantly. Currently, my favorite tools are Axure, Figma, Sketch, XD, and InVision.

Design Tools

  • Adobe XdAdobe Xd
  • PhotoshopPhotoshop
  • IllustratorIllustrator
  • FigmaFigma
  • After effectsAfter Effects
  • InvisionInvision
  • MiroMiro
  • AxureAxure
  • Paper PrototypingPaper Prototyping

Project Management Tools

  • JiraJira
  • ClickUpClickUp
  • MondayMonday
  • AsanaAsana
  • Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps

These principles help me navigate complexity with patience, humility, and kindness, reminding me that this work is equal parts purposeful and playful.

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