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8 ideas to make a UX writing more meaningful

Prince Pal Singh

8 ideas to make a UX writing more meaningful

I dare say that 98% of potential ideal customers have no idea what UX writing is.

And less than it could mean in terms of sales and revenue for your business.

What is UX writing?

A UX writer is someone who writes for user experience. UX writers write the words we read or hear when we use a digital product. Their texts must be clear, concise, and valuable. Their goal is to help and guide the user.

It's simple words,

UX writers aren't earning what they should be making. Nor are they having the customers they should have.

That's my impression.

That is why I propose to change the strategy and tactics.

To make UX writing meaningful.

Differences between Copywriters & UX writers

Here are eight actions I can think of to get started:
➊ Write more on Linkedin/Blogging websites
Most ideal and potential customers are not aware of what UX writing can do for their business. The best strategy to change it is to create powerful content that educates and, at the same time, makes UX writing irresistible. Best UX writing = + Sales
➋ Create more (and better) newsletters
8 out of 10 newsletters I see generate nothing of value. An excellent newsletter has original content that you can't get anywhere else; that's what makes it attractive.
➌ Create free courses
The 7-day email courses are excellent. Also, mini-courses available on the pages of the UX writers work very well.
➍ Publish success stories (with metrics)
Good success stories go with metrics. Customers want to know by what % the conversion of a sales page increased when they improved the copy.
➎ Prospect and connect with your ideal customers on LinkedIn
It's okay to connect with the UX writer community, but even better is to do it with the marketers of companies that are ideal customers.
➏ Empower the community
Promote other UX writers' events on social media. These increases reach and benefit the community.
➐ Evangelize marketing agencies
If marketing agencies get clients and don't have a UX writer on their team, who does this job?
➑ What if we do a virtual congress / Summit?
I dream of seeing dozens of UX writers talking about techniques, methodologies, success stories in the same event.

Bonus tips -

Content Strategy

Content strategy refers to planning and managing content—not just text—for websites, apps, or digital services or products. Sometimes, particularly in small companies, content strategists may also create content. But their job is not to create, for that they rely on other professionals. 

Content Design

Content design is about design. It’s a job that sometimes mixes creation and strategy, but it’s not only about writing. Websites and apps include different types of content: texts, images, animations, video, sound, etc. Content design is about creating all those contents.

Now I want to request you to share your UX writing ideas with me.

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Prince Pal Singh